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This season, canvas shoes series of important push Andy Warhol theme to Andy a pop art. Warhol to concept of mr.. Mr. Andy is a very important figure in the development of pop art, which itself was originally commercial graphic designers, so the mass culture theme and commercialization of art has a special deep idea. The creation of many paintings, such as Marilyn Monroe, Mao Zedong, Canbo and other soup cans are classic, pop art works. storesA ONLY 07-201-0758 a Frederick Hankyu 07-226-6986Pingtung Yi Heng a Heng Horie 07-282-1899 a Frederick Horie five 07-251-6668 a Frederick Hankyu 07-226-6986Pingtung Yi Heng a Heng Horie 07-282-1899 a Frederick Horie five 07-251-6668 This isCurrently fabless evacuate Chinese case, but part of foundry orders have been reduced; compared to the production base function, China will become a more critical consumer market face a lot of media coverage recently. " evacuation "rumors, Li Ling Adidas China public relations manager to the" financial "reporter claimed that Adidas does not have any plans to evacuate the plant in China. But she also admitted that although the absolute value is not reduced, but the "Made in China" in the global percentage share may decline in the future. According to the official introduction of Adidas, Adidas is currently 50% of global products manufactured in China, the country has 264 f cheap jordans for sale actories Adidas processed products, total staff of 30 people. While Adidas square one again, "Financial" reporter stressed that "Made in China" will not decline in absolute terms, however, the growing phase ??????? annual sales and global market expansion pace, its capacity can be increased in China shrinking amount will become a reality. Li Ling admit, based on the rapid development of the adidas Group worldwide, and in China the percentage of global share may decline in the future. China due to the sharp rise in production costs, Adidas and other well-known sports brands are in the contraction of domestic energy ratio. Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces in manufacturing but also because consumer demand in Europe and tightening, raw material costs, rising labor costs, RMB appreciation and other reasons, badly damaged, export-oriented manufacturing enterprises have faced difficulties discontinued or reduced. Adidas, one of the main production base in Suzhou, China, there are many processing enterprises are facing this problem. Suzhou, a state-owned bank to the "financial" reporters, Suzhou textile industry most affected, shutting down finally. Enterprises lack of orders, many companies would not easily start. Such enterprises are mostly medium and small enterprises, especially export-oriented processing enterprises. Suzhou, a clothing company official said Retro jordans for sale , Suzhou and processing enterprises generally lack bargaining power, in the case of rising production costs, the customer orders a serious loss, "Adidas orders actually decreased." Zhejiang, a garment export company official said, the cost of raw materials, including apparel fabrics and accessories and printing costs, has risen more than 10 percent this year. However, prices and customer agreement already small space. Regular prices has caused customer resentment, and thus continue to lose orders. It is reported that the overall cost of Chinese footwear rose by more than 20%. The implementation of the new "Labor Law" requires more input costs and an increase of 5%, net profit is 30% compression. In this context, many international brands are intentionally shifted their production bases to other lower cost of production and other areas of Southeast Asia, such as Pakistan, India and other countries. However, due to many factors related to workforce training, production facilities, etc., to be transferred is not realistic in the short term, transitional mode gradually shrink and metastasis may well be more appropriate approach. Moreover, the global strategic position in China this huge consumer market, these global brands do not rush to evacuate Chinese production. Adidas opinion, China has indeed become more important and critical than manufacturing base s Cheap air jordan 12 ovo trategic market. "With the rapid development of Chinese economy, the Chinese market for Adidas is increasingly important as the improvement of living standards, consumers will have more buying power, Adidas consumer groups will be further expanded." Li Ling He said. According to reports, the end of 2007, Adidas in the country's nearly 4,000 retail stores. In 2010, Adidas also plans to further increase investment in China, is expected to more than 6,000 retail stores. "Adidas is confident to achieve the sales target to complete one billion euros in China in 2010." Li Ling expressed.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] say soccer equipment market heavyweights, none other than non Adidas. This football started in 1948 with the German sports brand companies are now in the soccer equipment market is still occupying nearly 40% share of the revenues in 2013 reached nearly $ 2.4 billion. As the world's largest sports football, its main markets in Europe, proximity and easier, which became the headquarters are in Europe, Adidas has been proud of chips. Adidas and the World Cup of origin, dates back to the 1970s - Adidas in 1970 sponsored the first World Cup. Last year, Adidas and FIFA official completion of the renewal of the contract, Adidas will be the official partner of FIFA until 2030. ? 60 years of marriage as Adidas CEO H cheap jordans for sale mens erbert Hainer (Herbert Hainer) said: "Football has been part of the Adidas brand DNA, the tradition is a beacon brand continues." However, the late 1960s, American companies started by running Nike seems to have come from behind the trend, 2013 Nike's revenues in the football market has reached $ 2 billion, accounting for nearly 30% market share. In fact, Nike into the football market is only just 20 years; in 1994, when the World Cup "settled" in the US, and on occasion Nike. 2014 years Yes World Cup year, the two sporting goods giant is bound to expand the party Enter the Dragon. Adidas CEO Hainer at the beginning of the performance of his ambition: "2014 is not just in football, but belongs to Adidas football years." This is also in line with the style of the World Cup official sponsors, official logo, mascot, an official with the ball, all the officials and staff apparel suppliers, advertising and other equity on the sidelines like a Kung Fu in hand, Adidas resounding: I'm the king, Other sports brand Please step aside. On the other hand, did not get an official interest in the World Cup it appears Nike "warmth" Many, Nike global creative director responsible for the World Cup Rorty Martin (Martin Lotti) recent interview said:? "The World Cup and the Olympic Games is very Like, all the teams are countries with a strong collective sense of honor, Nike Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping need to do is to use creativity to the perfect combination of patriotism and football. "evasive, emphasizing the product itself creative, while fans evoke sympathy, but also with Nike their way to "play" the World Cup. shirt sponsorship interpretation of marketing "offensive" On the Brazil World Cup, Nike will provide 10 team jersey, namely: Australia, Brazil, Croatia, England, France, Greece, Netherlands, Portugal, South Korea and the United States team. Wherein the hot favorite to win Brazil, England, Portugal and other popular team is bound to be resistance, Kebo lot of attention, and the locking Nike US team will also ensure a stable position in the North American market. The Adidas sponsored by reducing the number of teams from 12 at the last World Cup for nine, namely: Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina team and the Russian team. But Spain, Argentina, Germany formed the "Adi defending World Cup champion team" can not be underestimated. However, notably when the two fight each other brand chiefs, PUMA slowly from behind to catch up, this year's World Cup in Italy, Switzerland, Ivory Coast, Algeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Uruguay, Chile support a total of eight countries PUMA team wearing jersey. The shares of the new forces will inevitably whipped up a whirlwind in the World Cup. is easy to see, once dom cheap foamposites inated Europe, Adidas seems to have lost its dominance over the national team has been put on a face-lift or PUMA Nike jersey. This Adidas spend a lot of money on the World Cup official sponsors of interests are inextricably linked. Sponsored star shoes also learned In addition to shirts, Adidas and Nike sneakers became another piece of competing battlefield. According to sports marketing research firm Repucom released last week by the market value of the world's top ten most football star ranking, and Nike signed six people, three people belonging to Adidas camp. Nike-sponsored Portuguese grams? Ronaldo (C Lo) with 86% of global visibility led the rankings. The 2013 year-shirt printed with his name, sold more than one million. Macy's Adidas sponsored global visibility was 76%, ranking second. Repucom believes, C Lo active on social networks will help enhance its market value. C Lo on Twitter (Twitter) already has 26 million fans, while "reticent" Messi is only 2 million followers. This year the World Cup, both bouts will also campaign for their respective brand owner. And Iniesta, Pique, Torres, Neymar, Casey, who also is a lot of attention boots. Nike, Adidas also released as early as the beginning of new boots to expand media sound volume: In fact, the sponsor players, Nike and Adidas also have their own small mind. In most cases, sponsors will re cheap jordans online main star jerseys and sneakers brand consistency, so "do the wedding dress for others" is. However, there are also slip through the net. While Adidas is the German team shirt sponsor, but the "German tanks," more than the big players are wearing Nike boots. Before a match between Germany and Poland, the attentive audience was surprised to find that there are nine German starting players wear Nike boots. But Adidas denied that they failed to "identify what", said the German team of 27 people, 14 people are wearing Adidas shoes. On the other hand, wearing Nike jersey, but Van Persie put the ball Adidas boots. It is seen in a game between the two sides of the situation in jersey boots the battle. allow advertisers to more severe advertising has become the two giants of each World Cup Taking a propaganda tradition, but also each of the parties to "show off" their time. Of course, as an official sponsor and unofficial sponsor of the difference, Adidas "perfectly justifiable", Nike can only "the cover of darkness." As early as the end of 2013, Adidas began the first round of the offensive. One ad, called Samba series (Samba Collection) will be the Adidas brand and unique Brazilian style together, and in just two months, the video hits will easily break the 12 million times, has become Adi was the highest Ad Rank. And in a few weeks, Nike will give a comeback cheap jordan shoes for men , one called Dare to Brazil (Dare to be Brasilian) advertising through virtual Brazilian players and coaches indirectly classic Nike brand and the Brazilian World Cup cleverly linked . However, 5.5 million hits some seem inferior. In the next few months, Nike fell into silence, then Adidas has released a series of three series of ads, two of which are on the official World Cup ball (Brazuca): I am Brazuca and Brazuca Around the World series , where "I am brazuca" as the official football introductory video, click-through rate on YouTube nearly four million (FIG), which does not include secondary spread to other sites. Brazuca Around the World Series as a supplement to the former, for all the participating countries each made a "personal custom", arouse the enthusiasm of the fans native countries and resonance, click on the total amount of the series also quickly reach thousands of levels. Another ad Fastor Fail was mentioned before about the boots, Adidas housekeeping star Lionel Messi portrait appearance, his speed and skill demonstrated vividly. Advertising a Macy's fans flocked to tens of millions of hits is the best witness. No wonder Adi official vowed: Adidas World Cup this year will sell 2 million pairs of shoes. We can say that the advertising campaign before April just preheat the two sides, culminating in the World Cup approaching real time comes Cheap air jordans for sale . Everyone knows that there will be over one billion viewers attention to this feast. April 1, Nike took out his ace in the hole, stroke on everything (RiskEverything) ad first appeared in the major media and social networking sites, C Ronaldo, Neymar and Wayne Rooney pack in the video, RBI everything, ready to go onto the court, just as the title of general, meaning the World Cup approaching, Nike is ready. Because of the big players to join in the ad, please come out a month later easily break a thousand hits. However, Nike's advertising storm did not stop, and four years ago, the future of advertising writing (Write the Future), like one called the winner leaving (Winner Stays) advertisement published in late April, Nike resorted to all Benni, C Ronaldo, Neymar, white, Alessandro Nesta and so so gorgeous lineup plus World Cup Stadium simulation scenarios, and even Hulk appear on camera, four minutes superstar meal audience applauded again and again. And the video's Youtube hits has reached a staggering 70 million. As unofficial sponsor, Nike used "Superstar policy" once again "ambush" Adidas. ? As Mark Parker, Nike (MarkParker) said: "Energy World Cup is amazing, we hope to use these energies to affect our customers and enhance our brand, and ultimately be able to establish our leadership in football." Nike overwhelming, as the official sponsor Adidas Retro jordans for sale positive nature to fight back. May 24, Adidas resorted killer, led by a Messi, Ozil, Alves, Suarez, pigs, and other portrait Harvey joined the advertising "dream: desperate" (The Dream: All in orNothing) formally launched, with Nike different virtual World Cup scene, Adidas in the video without reservation all the official use of available equity, official logo, with the ball, the official trailers, courtside advertising, real World Cup venues, and more. The ad only ten days on the line, hits on YouTube already climbed 30 million. I believe in occasion of the World Cup approaching, this figure will have a new breakthrough. Written after title from the World Cup began only a few days, the two brands will be the main competition intensified, both inside the stadium or outside the stadium, traditional media and new media, are the two sides fighting on the battlefield. Although the Nike sporting goods market as a whole in the lead, but still in the adidas football field behind. But the face of an increasingly competitive football market, as the slogan of both parties' fight on everything "and" desperate "battle" life and death "is already started. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.) & Nbsp;Nike Air Force 1 comprehensive innovation, let us see this fashionable 30 years of classic shoes different design, and this brand also released another new design. This pair of Lunar Force 1 Duckboot has a more powerful line, with white toe part of full three-dimensional five star design details, the shoe body is waterproof leather crafted, finally equipped with white Lunarlon midsole and translucent sole. nike-lunar-force-1-duckboot-ice-white-14.jpg (573.9 KB, download times: 11) download attachment Nike Lunar Force 1 Duckboot Ice White 2016-12-23 upload at 11:04 nike-lunar-force-1-duckboot-ice-white-22.jpg (283.09 KB, download times: 11) download attachment Nike Lunar Force 1 Duckboot Ice White 2016-12-23 upload at 11:04 nike-lunar-force-1-duckboot-ice-white-32.jpg (405.45 KB, download times: 11) download attachment Nike Lunar Force 1 Duckboot Ice White 2016-12-23 upload at 11:04 nike-lunar-force-1-duckboot-ice-white-42.jpg (377.41 KB, download times: 10) download attachment Nike Lunar Force 1 Duckboot Ice White 2016-12-23 upload at 11:04 nike-lunar-force-1-duckboot-ice-white-52.jpg (260.04 KB, download times: 11) download attachment Nike Lunar Force 1 Duckboot Ice White 2016-12-23 upload at 11:05 nike0 Baocheng group and Thailand sahaviriya signed a 420 thousand tons of seawater desalination project agreement city leaders met with Wu Guangwei, President of Thailand Wei Cheng group Tianjin Baocheng group by Thailand sahaviriya group bid $480 million, Nissan 420 thousand tons of seawater desalination project signing ceremony, held at the Yingbin Hotel in Tianjin yesterday. Before the signing ceremony, the vice mayor Huang Xingguo met with Mr. Wu Guangwei, President and executive chairman of Thailand Wei Cheng Fa Group Co., Ltd., who came to tianjin. He Ronglin, Secretary General of the municipal government and comrades in charge of the relevant departments of the municipality attended the meeting. Huang Xingguo welcomed Wu Guangwei and his party at the meeting and congratulated the signing of the project. He said, sahaviriya group is Thailand's largest steel group, with strong strength, the company and Tianjin Baocheng Group signed a cooperation agreement, to achieve a strong combination, to promote friendly cooperation between Tianjin and Thailand enterprises, has important significance. At present, the development of Tianjin is facing a very good situation, the Binhai New Area is becoming a hot spot for investment, attracting more and more large enterprises at home and abroad, large groups to invest and develop. I hope that the group will further strengthen exchanges and cooperation with Tianjin municipality, and promote more enterprises in Thailand to invest in Tianjin and achieve common development. At the same time, the Tianjin municipal government encourages enterprises to go out, actively participate in international cooperation, contract all kinds of projects, and will provide quality services for enterprises, and create a favorable environment for development. Wu Guangwei said, will further strengthen cooperation with Baocheng group, and the business community in Thailand vigorously promote Tianjin development and opening of Binhai New Area, attract Thailand enterprises to actively participate in the development of Tianjin. Tianjin Baocheng group in 2005 successfully produced China's first ton Nissan desalination equipment, and in 2006 in the Binhai New Area set up coastal environmental protection equipment (Tianjin) Co., ltd.. In May this year, the company and Thailand Wei Cheng Group signed the EPC general contracting framework agreement in Beijing. Coastal environmental protection equipment (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. to undertake independent sahaviriya group 420 thousand tons of seawater desalination project, responsible for the project design, equipment manufacturing, construction, technical training, Follow-Up Services package engineering. sahaviriya group is Thailand's largest iron and Steel Group, and diversified industries engage in real estate, finance, computer and automation business, after years of development has become one of Thailand's largest comprehensive industrial group. (Editor: admin)

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