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Recently Comme des Garcons regional eYe released a pair of interesting camouflage canvas shoes, and this is the joint work, joint objects precisely on the 1950s and 1960s the US Army (United States Army) comes standard with shoe brand PF Flyers. The use of canvas shoes, canvas PF Flyers is the most adept, because they are started by canvas shoes. The most interesting is the use of green, PF Flyers sign uppers, insoles and heel of these shoes on, which is not specially designed, green is the color representative of PF Flyers. Cloth standard tongue inside you can see eYe Junya Watanabe COMME des GARCONS MAN logo, further indicating the id cheap jordan shoes for men entity of co-operation models. However, currently available information as identifying specific section of the shoe, and we will continue watching. Source: highsnobiety & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;Second, from the China Brand Strategy Promotion Committee learned that, in 2007, Chinese brand declaration work is nearing completion, the selection work is about to start. According to the national "11th Five-Year" period of nurturing brand-name products under the guidance directory, in 2007, rowing, weightlifting, barbell, track and field equipment and sports shells and o Retro jordans for sale ther 4 kinds of sports products can declare "China famous brand products" title. According to reports: to 2006 has declared the body from the China Brand Strategy Promotion Committee learned that, in 2007, Chinese brand declaration work is nearing completion, the selection work is about to start. According to the national "11th Five-Year" period of nurturing brand-name products under the guidance directory, in 2007, rowing, weightlifting, barbell, track and field equipment and sports shells and other 4 kinds of sports products can declare "China famous brand products" title. according to the introduction, sports products in 20 cheap jordans for sale mens 06 has been reported including sports shoes, indoor fitness equipment, table tennis equipment, track and field equipment and basketball 5, were selected in Taishan, the family, Do-win, 26 "famous brand Chinese pisces". according to the "11th Five-Year" during the cultivation of brand catalog in 2008 will be selected in badminton, tennis, track and field equipment in three categories, 2009 will be selected in the national physique tester, professional basketball shoes, sports class in 2010 will be in the gun, protective equipment, plywood and other categories of Chinese brand selection. industry experts believe that "China fa cheap foamposites mous brand" title, with its long-term formation of authority and mass base, has become the fulcrum of enterprises to establish brand. Strong sports enterprises should seize this rare opportunity, combined with sports marketing, in the industry stand out. (Editor: admin) : every big crisis must be accompanied by changes in the corporate landscape and reshuffle." Reporter recently visit the Pearl River Delta to feel deeply, in this "once-in-a-century" crisis, some enterprises fell, some are cut to more "cake"; "three" enterprises in Dongguan in the first quarter GDP fell by 2.5%, enterprises focus on innovation and brand growth of Fosha Cheap air jordans for sale n city 11%...... Once again confirms the law of Industrial Development - those who have their own brands, technology research and development, export market diversification, domestic and foreign markets, and so on, enterprises have always been the most brilliant smile in this crisis. especially, Guangdong province occupies the national export volume of nearly 1/3, foreign dependence is as high as 155%, since the beginning of the second half of last year, the global financial crisis on a piece of land known as the world factory is the earliest and most deep. Today, the global financial crisis when the bottom of the Pearl River Del Retro jordans for sale ta has been the impact of Public opinions are divergent., is to pick up or just stabilize? What is happening in the foreign trade enterprises? The enterprises need to "timely assistance" policy focus on what? And so on, much attention. stabilized after heavy losses; Houjie town of Dongguan has "world shoes" reputation; the second half of last year began to sweep through the global financial crisis, so that Houjie small and medium-sized enterprises crashed down a group. Six months have passed and the battered industries are steadily stabilizing. Asia Footwear Association Secretary General Li Peng told reporters: "at the end cheap jordans for sale of last year, this year is the enterprise of a death mark, a number of enterprises can not come now, although the order is not mentioned in the same breath with the same period last year, but the whole industry of" free fall "type straight down trend is stopped, factories and workers unemployment is significantly reduced, the industry is no longer very panic, business confidence is gradually restored." the Guangdong, which has been hit by the financial crisis, has picked up the data. According to statistics, in the first quarter of this year, Guangdong's total import and export value, export value and import value fell by a year Cheap air jordan 12 ovo earlier than that of the whole country, and it was a relatively fast one in china. Dongguan economic situation in the first quarter report shows that the eight pillar industries, food, beverage, paper, chemical and textile, clothing and other four major industries rebound. By March, the average trade export of Guangdong province increased by 2.1%, and the export of main labor-intensive products grew generally. The export of bags, garments, shoes and furniture increased by 30.3%, 13.9%, 3.9% and 1% respectively. more gratifying is that the financial crisis to the industry reshuffle brought about by the effect of industrial agglom Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping eration is becoming increasingly apparent. In the second half of last year, Zhang Huarong, chairman of Huabao Shoes Co., Ltd. of Dongguan Huajian group, Guangdong Province, was worried about the operation of the enterprise, but recently saw the journalistin the Mo · Fala set foot on the London stadium track, the completion of "double gold" the last shock, Nike launched the film "smile" (" Smile") a huge sacrifice in salute the British King running behind the continuous record breaking athletic career pay and tenacity he smiled, and There is nothing comparable to this. "smile" shows Mo · the unknown hard training and pe cheap jordans online rseverance of Fala's sunny smile. The film, in his hometown, London, gives the audience the hardships of his journey and the most difficult time for training. The strong voice in the movie comes from George the Poet, a London speech artist. He has perfectly explained that behind every smile is a story which is no ordinary. "smile" is made by Wieden+Kennedy, Mark · Tsibot (Mark Zibert) directing, Rogue Films.what is the wind breaking? believe that many people have this question: real bike really is the "broken wind" like this or, what is the name of its name, we only see him: real bike really is the "broken wind" like this however, this "ugly" name "broken wind" what does that mean? on the bike, because the wind resistance exists, breaking wind in front of the person often is this: real bike really is the "broken wind" like this and the people behind the broken wind hand, is often the way: but after the game, took the championship is often behind the driver. because, in front of the driver in the long ride on the way, for them to break the wind to save the physical strength. near the terminus, the line hand beyond the other drivers, using the reserve physical sprint championship. so, often there will be such a picture appear: line hand took the title when the CEO marry white Formica dark corner free hand breaking wind tears, do the wedding dress for others: however, the relationship between personal value and team value has always been the charm of group movement. in NBA, there is a word called role player; on the pitch, the goalkeeper can also become a superstar. and our country's greatest bicycle athletes, also happened to be a "wind breaking hand": He called into account, Chinese "tour de France" first person. (the tour de France is the world's top cycling events) in the game, you will always see him like this led to ride the wind break: even like this: then watched his teammates this title: he was in the tour de France total score ranked first, but no one can deny the fact that he is a great driver: in addition to such a broken wind, the road car race will also focus on the award of such people: (good at climbing, climbing hand to reward their dot shirt): the best young drivers (in general to reward them with a white shirt): the best total score driver (all powerful driver, generally yellow shirt to reward them): driver (sprint at road sprint, generally Lvshan reward): road car race often a distance of more than 150km, the average speed in the 45km/h above. out of the big group "breaking wind" excellent 〉